About Diana Hamilton Foundation

DHF is the charitable arm of Diana Hamilton Ministries.

Though the ministry had been engaged in charitable activities in the past, it was officially inaugurated in London on the 4th of February 2017.

At its formation, the foundation’s aims and objectives are to;

- Promote charitable purposes in sponsoring education from SHS to government established universities, for the benefit of young people who through family misfortune or poverty find it hard to continue in their education and who might subsequently be hindered in taking up the increasing responsibility of adulthood.

- Promote any charitable purposes for the benefit of communities, in particular the advancement of education, the promotion of health and the relief of poverty.

- Focus the attention of the community at large on some of the social problems that exist within the Ghanaian society with a view to creating a sense of individual and communal responsibility and participation in the remedying of such problems. This it hopes to achieve through its participatory activities and events.

- Provide or assist in the provision of facilities to help educate young people in Ghana to develop their physical, mental, and spiritual capacities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and valued members of society.

- To benefit young people and their families who have additional needs by supportive actions not otherwise funded by the statutory sector Everyone can play a part! Each contribution is valuable and necessary. We only ask our donors to commit to what they feel they can provide and by attending our fundraising events. You choose how you feel you can give support, and which needs you feel able to respond to. Do get on board to help transform the future of an underprivileged child.

For more information on our activities and about how you can support, please contact:

+44 7906 932 670